| Kurt Hummel | 18 | Gay | Dating the amazing Blaine Anderson |

I’ll cover you | Klaine

One of the things that Kurt hated the most was when his friends were upset. And he absolutely hated it when nothing could be done about it. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t try. Blaine had always been there for him through the rough times. His break-up with Sebastian, his father’s heart attack… he had alwys just been there, and Kurt hadn’t even asked for it. So now it was time to return the favour. 

Even though Blaine never said anything, Kurt knew that he was a lot more vulnerable that he let it show. He seemed to keep most things about himself and his family to himself, but right now it seemed like Titanic had hit the ice berg, and the ship was slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean. And Kurt was determined to do anything it took to get it back to the surface. 

He had looked up the adress that Blaine had sent him, and it was quite a drive, but he knew that it was going to be worth it. So after that he had packed down a few things (nightwear and moisturize creams), he had taken his car and run an errand at the store before he had gone for the long drive. 

It took him a while, but he finally found the place, and he really did hope that it was the right adress. Still he been driving all the way there, so he needed to take the chance. He clmbed out of his car and stepped over to the house and finally rang the doorbell after a moment of hesitation.

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    Kurt was very pleased with the nightwears that he had received from Blaine, and he always made sure to wear them as...
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    “That’s good.” He really was relieved that Kurt liked them as he had been concerned originally. Trying to pick clothes...